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I have been serving as minister in the Russell Silverton Pastoral charge since July 1st 2005. I am originally from Newfoundland and completed my theological training at The Atlantic School of Theology in Halifax Nova Scotia. I am progressive in my understanding of theology and God. For me, God is Holy mystery, beyond our complete understanding. I believe that the choices we make matter, and I believe that life is often messy and our choices complex. I do not deny science or insist upon a literal interpretation of scripture. I do not preach a theology of fear, but a theology of love. As a faith community we are called to love one another, and to reach out into our community and our world sharing that love, in our words and in our deeds. I do not believe that I have all the answers or that there is only one way to understand God. I believe that every individual is unique and special and deserving of love. These are some of the core tenets of my faith. On a personal note I enjoy kayaking, biking, cooking, watching movies and tv, attending local sporting events, and performing on stage with the Vagabond Theatre Co.

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